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Illustrators. You know them. You love them. You’d like to hire them, but, you know…

I Drew This Thing is an attempt to delve into the illustration game and those brave souls who practice the craft. Like actors, writers, and sad clown paintings, illustrators lay bare our souls for all to see, and what do we have to show for it? Besides superior hand skills and a second job? Creativity, passion, and a misplaced sense of insecurity and self-doubt. Say it loud. Say it proud. I’m an illustrator dammit! And I also teach.

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Recently it came to my attention that the word “YOLO,” an acronym standing for “You Only Live Once,” has become popular with the kids (as in “Fine, I’ll do another shot - YOLO!”). I did some research and I found out that YOLO is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of hip 2012 lingo. Get ready to feel really old, because I had never heard of any of these, but apparently they’re being used everywhere:

YOLO: You Only Live Once

YOLOLO: You Only “LOL” Once

YOTROLOLOO: You Only “Trololo” Once

YOLOLO NOHOMO: You Only “LOL” Once, and I don’t mean that in the gay way

YOWO SOSOPOLOS: You Only Wear Orange So-So Polos
“You’ll never win the fashion competition. YOWO SOSOPOLOS.”

YOWO SOSOPOLOS SOHOMO: You Only Wear Orange So-So Polos, and I do mean that in a very gay way
“You’ll never win the fashion competition, sweetbuns. YOWO SOSOPOLOS SOHOMO.”

YOYOKO ONOSOCO: You’re Only Yoko Ono, So Chill Out
“You don’t have to create world peace by yourself. YOYOKO ONOSOCO.” (Must be spoken only to Yoko Ono)

YOHOHOHO BOSODOCOCOA: You Only “HoHoHo” But Once, So Drink Our Cocoa (Must be spoken only to Santa Claus)

YOLOMOFO HELLOMOTO: You Only Live Once, Motherfucker (Must be spoken only by Samuel L. Jackson in a Motorola commercial)

YOYOYO OSO YOYOSOLO OWO LOCO PO-PO: You Only Yo-Yo Once, So Yo-Yo Solo, Obviously Without Crazy Police Officers


Snoop Dogg Smokable Songbook by Pereira & O’Dell

Probably the most brilliant interactive product tie-in of all time, to promote Snoop Dogg’s own brand of rolling papers, Pereira and O’Dell have rolled this excellent  songbook made from hemp-related materials with the spine of the book acting as a match striking surface. Inside, each page is a rolling paper with Snoop’s greatest songs and lyrics written on them, in non-toxic ink, of course. Gotta be careful what you put in your lungs! 

(source: thedieline / via: lostateminor)

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